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 Medium at Large is currently on hiatus – We will be back soon
 Medium at Large – A spirited talk show  – Wednesdays 8 – 10 PM Eastern Time

A weekly 2-hour show highlighting those making a difference in the world through healing, guidance, light and a dose of rebel rousing noise!

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 Medium at Large

Medium at Large is currently on hiatus until March of  2017 for regular weekly shows

Past Guests Include 

Psychics, Mediums, Astrologers, Numerologists:

George Koury, Anne Magdalene, Dr. Neal Rzepkowski, Chadwick Boykins, Carole Obley, Sharita Star, Liam Carey, Anthony Picco

Joseph Shiel, Janet Nohavec, Nicolebeth Williamson, Patricia Spanedda, Kri Arrendondo, Adam Bernstein, Kai Muegge, Patricia O’Neill, Angela Kaufman, Adam Bernstein,

Jason Fleming, Cassandra Butler, Lori Bella Lipten, Teri Williams

Shamans/Magickal Practitioners 

Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé, Eliot Cowan, Mama Donna Henes, , Michael Dunning, Alwyn Thomas,  James Weeks, Lakeesha Harris, Chief Obafemi Ifayemi,

Amiraah Branch, Theresa Thomas, Lula Christopher, Dr. Gee Love, Zoe Flowers, Lakeesha Harris,  Shaman Emenike La, Katrina Clay, Richael Faithful,


Trance Mediumship and the Eighty-second Regime of Light Workers – with Medium Julie MacDonald

Ancestral Medicine Women through Caroline & Brad Dunn

Authors and Change Makers

Jun-san Yasuda, Stephen Braude, John Griffith, Father Billy Clark, Greg Bogart, Chris Hegg, Dr. Robert Weissberg, Gary Goldberg, Ellie Walsh, Father Billy Clark, Nhojj, Sue Conlin

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