Mentorship Program



Take your Spirit Connection to the next level:

A level specifically tailored to you

Julie  is bringing her knowledge to you with a 6 month personalized mentorship program. Julie’s multi-dimensional approach spans global traditions from East to West through decades of experience and study.

Multi-dimensional is not only your guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, and family in Spirit. Multi-dimensional also includes the faerie folk, nature spirits, water spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, deities and other beings from indigenous tribes from West African to Hinduism to Wicca to Native American, and loads more.

For over 25 years Julie has studied, entrained herself, and channeled through to the far reaches and corners of the realms of Spirit. As a Medium, Julie is the intervening agency, the *instrument* through which all forms of Spirit of the highest vibrations come through to communicate and convey information, direction, and messages of hope for your greatest and highest good. And now, she offers you the opportunity to reach Spirit in whichever form(s), and practice(s) is/are true to you, your mission, and your highest good!

Everyone works with Spirit differently, everyone expresses Spirit differently; whether you are a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Psychic, Medium, Counselor, or in any energy/Spirit practice. Regardless your path, no matter your practice(s), Julie will help you dive deeper into your immersion with Spirit.

Together, over this 6 month program, you and Julie will shed the layers and remove the blockages that have kept you from the Spirit connection that has been inherent in you from the moment you entered this Earth.

Julie’s guidance will light the fire of radical self-responsibility that will help you develop the Spiritual connection that’s true to the mission of who you’re designed to be.

This program is suitable for all levels of spiritual, energetic, and/or psychic development and practice, and includes:
  • A monthly one-on-one online meeting with Julie that combines exercises, meditations, discussions, techniques, and homework specific to the mentee’s stage of development.
  • Consistent content based feedback on assignments mentee is progressing through, following their one-on-one.
  • A monthly online group session for additional feedback, practice and support from both Julie and the mentee’s peers.
  • Attendance  (for observation and later discussion and possible internship) at a pre-arranged class,  if determined by Julie to be within the mentee’s current level and ability.
  • Personal oversight of one local, mentee facilitated event lasting up to 3 hours. . (Please note: This option is for professionals only. “Professional” is defined as one already experienced in the delivery of mediumship messages in a group setting).
  • OR
  • Review of filmed or recorded mentee facilitated event.
  • (for those not wanting an event observed, Free admission to 3 of Julie’s séance/circles, with the provision of active participation in delivering messages, and feedback/discussion afterward

The full 6 month program is available  for only $1200, if paid in full. If monthly payments are more conducive to your situation, you will pay $220. at the beginning of each month (based on when you sign up) following your initial deposit of $300. (Total $1400.00)

If you wish to test drive or don’t want to make a 6 month commitment you can choose to purchase individual mentoring sessions a la carte by visiting here:

For more information email or phone 518-210-1665 or  request an application