Julie MacDonald

Spiritualist Minister, Psychic-Medium, Teacher, Author, Radio Host

"Reverend Julie MacDonald is a medium by birth, a professional psychic, and a spiritual activist at the cutting edge of consciousness."

Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé; West African Elder, Teacher, Speaker, Author of 'The Healing Wisdom of Africa', 'Of Water and Spirit' & 'Ritual: Power, Healing and Community'

What Is A Medium?

Often people associate a medium with one who speaks with departed loved ones, to prove the continuity of life. While this certainly is one means of mediumship, it is not the sole purpose of mediumship, nor is it Julie’s intention to limit such a wonderful tool for assisting you on your path.

“Medium” is defined as: an intervening agency, means, or instrument by which something is conveyed or accomplished.

This is the perfect definition of the work that Julie does as a medium. She is the intervening agency or means to convey from the world of Spirit be it ancestors, guides, nature, the hall of records or any other etheric entity or space that is interested in serving your highest good.

A medium is the instrument that is tuned in to the other worlds, realms and dimensions to access for you; insight, strategies, information and hope.

A medium has a responsibility to keep their ‘instrument’ fine tuned to higher energy vibrations. In doing so, they can communicate clear, concise information for you from whatever source is accessed to assist you.

Julie works only with those beings, guides, etc. that are looking to serve your highest good.


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