The Eighty-Second Regime Of Light Workers

In their own words, The Eighty-Second Regime Of Light Workers is a group consciousness that is committed to assisting humanity’s spiritual evolution via direct communication.

This evolution covers a wide range of the human experience—work, religion, family, children, the environment, and society, to name a few—but they are insistent to inform us that these divisions and spheres of the human experience are unified by their connection to the deeper work of the human soul.

They state that their “name” is reflective of coordinates within their realm of existence (82nd), and that Regime is representative of being a group of Spiritual Warriors.

They have also pointed out that the 8 and the 2 in 82 represents Infinity squared! Light Workers, of course, is self-explanatory.

Meet The Cosmic Family

Meet The Cosmic Family

The 82nd Regime is a Collective Consciousness that has thus far separated off, at times, and presented as four different personalities.  They do inform us, however, that there are more that will be revealed.

Rebecca: A playful, jovial spirit; that speaks with what seems to be a British accent. She informed us we may refer to her with the ‘code name’ Rebecca. She is quite charming and jovial and a favored persona of many. She often, quite lovingly jokes or teases the audience.

The Compassionate One: A feminine energy full of love and empathy for human kind.  She speaks often to the plight of human suffering and has also been referred to as ‘The Blue Angel’

 The Grandfather: A spirit devoted to the ‘old ways’ to coin his term.  He often speaks of the natural world both in terms of the environment and the ecology of the human experience

 The Uncle: A direct and no non-sense kind of spirit, he is the most physically expressive personality with seeming connections to indigenous and related traditions.